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Omphalotus RP NPCs and Extras

Beasties and Mysteries and Special Events, oh my!

Omphalotus RP Game Extras
5 November
Omphalotus RPG
One day, you wake up at the bottom of a drained cenote in a dark, rocky cavern. You don't remember how you got there, merely the last thing you were doing in your own world. You don't know where you are. You don't know what mysteries surround you.

Why are you here?

If you persist in climbing upward, where the sands gently cascade upon your head, you'll find an oasis surrounded by endless desert. But if you follow the fissure in the rock wall at the bottom of the cenote, you find yourself in a long tunnel packed with glowing fungi, crystals, and the occasional firefly or frog. After a few minutes, just as you begin to wonder if maybe you ought to turn back, the tunnel abruptly opens into a huge cavern, nearly a mile wide, with rows of caves dotting the high, rock walls, terraces and crystalline formations leading ever upward to an open sky, and a strange garden at the center of it all. More tunnels lead you further on, with yet more caves waiting to be explored.

Welcome to Omphalotus: the vast cave system filled with unique plant life and creatures, from the mundane to the surreal. Here, you will see mushrooms the size of buildings in a forest of a wildly different sort, hunt for food among carnivorous plants, swim in a lake fathoms deep and filled with strange and unknown creatures, swelter in a fiery cavern laced with rivulets of molten magma, shiver in a pristine, frozen wonderland of ice and snow, see trees that bleed in a cave filled with restless spirits, eat from a tree made almost entirely of chocolate, listen to your neighbors' every word with the aid of a strange, mercury-like fluid, wander aimless through an endless desert wasteland while fighting off monsters big enough to swallow you whole, be bombarded by illusions and enchantments the likes of which you've never experienced, and discover many, many more oddities as you go forth and unravel the mystery of this bizarre new world.
Welcome to Omphalotus RP! This account is for the game's special events posts and NPCs. If you'd like to request an NPC to interact with your characters, please leave a comment on the account's NPC request post.

If there is anything you feel deserves our attention, please contact us! We're here to help!
WARNING: In real life, do not eat mushrooms you find in the wild unless you know exactly what you're doing! To do so could cost you your life! Many mushrooms found in the wild are extremely poisonous - while those used in-game have various fun effects, most found in the wild will just make you extremely sick or extremely dead. Don't do it.
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