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12 August 2029 @ 03:19 am
Request an NPC  
If you'd like to request an Omphalotus NPC to interact with your character, you're in the right place! Comment here and we'll be happy to set up a time with you in which to plot and play. If you have a question about what this account handles, this is also the right place to bring it. However, if your question concerns something other than Omphalotus' beasties and special events, please visit, instead, the Help section in the Mod Account.

Please read carefully before proceeding:

For most critters in Omphalotus, you are more than welcome to NPC them yourselves, but if you'd rather a mod help you with an interaction, that's fine, too. (Note: interactions with ompha_extras do not count as part of your activity checks; however, it there's a third player or more involved in the thread, that offsets the mod involvement caveat).

However! Be aware that certain creatures DO require a mod to step in. As of right now, these limitations only apply to two types of creatures: the mysterious, child-stealing Thieves found Topside, and 'Omphie', Lake Omphalotus' Mystery Monster. Certain liberties MAY be taken, provided you are respectful of preserving these creatures' mystique: your character may see them, hunt them, be chased or even attacked by them , etc, but attempts to communicate with them should go through a mod. Similarly, because the Lake Monster and the Thieves are intended to remain elusive, you may encounter them, have close calls with them, etc, but their exact physical descriptions, purpose, and identity may only be revealed by mods (you are, however, more than welcome to have your character draw its own conclusions, or NPC another creature if it's a case of mistaken identities -- we're fine with Red Herrings).

To summarize: Most creatures are fine to NPC, but please do not attempt to describe 'Omphie' or converse with it or the Thieves. We will be happy to work with you, but these particular being are part of Omphalotus' plot.