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Omphalotus RP Game Extras
12 August 2029 @ 03:19 am
If you'd like to request an Omphalotus NPC to interact with your character, you're in the right place! Comment here and we'll be happy to set up a time with you in which to plot and play. If you have a question about what this account handles, this is also the right place to bring it. However, if your question concerns something other than Omphalotus' beasties and special events, please visit, instead, the Help section in the Mod Account.

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Omphalotus RP Game Extras
21 August 2019 @ 07:36 pm
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Omphalotus date
Real-world date
6th May
4th-10th July
7th May
11th-17th July
8th May
18th-24th July
9th May
25th-31st July
10th May
1st-7th August
11th May
8th-14th August
12th May
15th-21st August
13th May
22nd-28th August
14th May
29th August-4th September

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